How to protect your hair from the Parisian climate?

Humidity, pollution, cold, wind, rain and even snow, the Parisian climate is not necessarily kind to your hair. Thus they become dry, brittle and indomitable. To remedy this, it is essential to protect them on a daily basis from external aggressions.

But then how to protect your hair from the Parisian climate?

Adapted care

We can never repeat it enough, taking care of your hair allows, beyond making it more beautiful, to protect it. We do not hesitate to regularly use moisturizing masks and we set up a daily routine to protect them.

  • Masks

At least once a week, it is essential to make a mask on your hair. With argan oil, avocado oil or essential oils, it is of course necessary to adapt the mask to your hair type. For thick hair, masks based on natural oil are favored while for fine hair masks based on essential oils are preferred.

  • Leave-in care

In the middle of winter, you don't plan to go out without putting moisturizer on your face, do you? The same goes for your hair. In the form of serum, cream or oil, it is essential to protect your hair before going out with the application of a leave-in treatment.

Good habits

Bad habits die hard. In order to protect your hair fiber, you will have to forget some of them.

  • Systematic drying

In a hurry, you do not have time to dry your hair properly. Having become a habit, it is nevertheless essential to dry your hair before going out, especially in winter. Beyond the fact that it prevents you from catching cold, drying prevents your hair from absorbing pollutants but thus being very exposed to the Parisian cold.

  • Smooth untangling

To untangle your hair, we avoid on the one hand that they are wet and on the other hand to go a little hard. We wait patiently until they are dry and gently untangle them with a wide-toothed comb and a detangler of his favorite brand. This prevents breakage and weakens your hair a little more.

  • An enriched diet

The state of health of your body is visible even on your hair. Living in Paris, aggressions related to the environment are numerous. We therefore favor ingredients containing vitamin C, vitamin E and we hydrate a lot, especially in periods of extreme cold.