Our customers testify their satisfaction


  1. Marie C, Plaisir - I bought indian curly hair 16 " and 18 " at La Compagnie du Cheveu on a Monday and I received my products on Wednesday of the same week. I was scared at first because the price is lower than others. But I love it!!! The hair is beautiful, soft and very smooth to the touch. I will be ordering from you again very soon. Thank you La Compagnie du cheveu
  2. Diana V, Lille - Brazilian curly hair 18 ", 20 " and 22 " sensational! The curls are beautiful, regular and it shines just right. Great!
  3. Diarra M, Saint-Denis - I found this site by chance and I do not regret it at all. For once I found a serious site, I am delighted. I have become a loyal customer.
  4. Jeff C, Geneva - I wanted to make a gift for my darling and I discovered this site. Even for a novice like me, the site is simple and easy. I received my order in a few days and my sweetie loved it. Since that day, she can't stop talking about it and especially ordering from the Compagnie du Cheveu. Order without fear, they are pros and the quality is there!
  5. Lala, Toulouse - When I received my order, I was impatient! I was not disappointed at all. The weavings are really beautiful. It is a very good value for money. I'm going to look my best and make an impression in front of my girlfriends and co-workers, at an affordable price. Thank you so much Compagnie du Cheveu. I will order more
  6. Melissa, Guadeloupe- I received my weave and I am so happy. Thank you 1000 times and see you soon! June 29, 2012
  7. Irene, Paris-Thank you for your efficiency and your seriousness, I will not fail to advise you to my friends and on Facebook
  8. Rosita,Province- July 30, 2012 thank you for the fast shipping continue like this and surtt keep interesting prices
  9. Diiama, Brittany July 30, 2012: i ordered two 18 inch Brazilian weaves on Monday morning and on Wednesday they arrived ... with a surprise in it thank you "! the texture of the hair is soft and i like the color it is dark brown and in the sun it gives light brown highlights!i washed them this morning (with care to maintain them well) and what is funny is that the curls are even prettier and more refined!
    I hesitated between the company of the hair and two other site ... well it is without regret I will recommend to them!

  1. Tania B, Saint-Denis: September 1, 2012: "hello, I received the highlights they are superb, indeed they need 3 packages!"
  2. Ire, Paris: September 3, 2012: Hello! Thank you for the explanations and again thank you for your speed and the quality of your highlights
  3. Camara, Paris: September 4, 2012: "My package arrived at my home, everything is nickel thank you for the little gift. The weaves are perfect nothing to say soft to the touch just perfect. Thank you for your speed and your commitment ."
  4. Clarisse, Province: September 8, 2012 : "yes well received my order this morning, the Brazilian weaving is really great and I just ordered again the Indian weaving.
  5. Titoune, Ile de France, August 2012: "i am really bluffed by the quality of the locks, I love them! the weave does not shine, it is very soft, bounces well when I shake it and is extremely soft. I have run my finger through it many times and have not noticed any knots or hair loss.
  6. Lilia, Province, September 10, 2012: "I really like my weavings, thank you again."
  7. N. Diop, Paris, September 14, 2012: "Just to inform you of the good reception of the wicks today...I am delighted!
    I intend to take others.
  8. Oro, Paris, September 16, 2012: I received my highlights, the quality is superb, the little attention in the package ... perfect I'm delighted, thank you, I love my new haircut, I usually after the installation of the weave to go to a hairdresser so that he equalizes the ends and make me a nice cut and well for the 1st time since always I will not go because the hair is beautiful to the tips, hihihi I'm very happy, again thank you!!!
  9. Gaëlle, Paris, September 23, 2012: After a week of application, I can guarantee that your Brazilian wavy weaves are of safe quality. They are soft, easy to detangle both dry and wet, they support the hairstyle all day without making a knot. If you knew how long I was waiting to find a brazilian weave that I would be proud to wear and whose maintenance would no longer be a chore (b like 2h to untangle after shampooing, check every 1h that there is no knot) but a pleasure. So thank you for your work!
  10. G, province, September 28, 2012: I approve 200% of your choice of Compagnie du Cheveu. Finally a quality supplier in France. After a week of application and shampooing, I can confirm to you that my hair is still as soft as ever, easy to detangle and no knots. I can finally breathe and I am now proud to show off my beautiful hair. Thank you, without you I would never have dared to take the plunge, after a thousand and one disappointments I have experienced elsewhere."
  11. Chimène P, October 3, 2012: Hello, I just received my order 2 packages of virgin Indian weaving I am delighted with the quality and the speed of delivery 48 h.
  12. M. from Nantes, October 4, 2012: Hello I received my package yesterday and I wanted to thank you because the delivery was really fast! Moreover I am very satisfied regarding the quality of the locks! Thank you
  13. Laeti, Switzerland: December 27, 2012: "Your website, your products and your customer service are a pure marvel!"
  14. Cindy, Lyon: January 10, 2013: I reused my wavy weave and colored it, I feel like it looks even better! I appreciate my purchase!
  15. Sophie, Montpellier: March 13, 2013: I discovered your site by chance and really I'm super happy, the quality, your site is professional, you answer us within a day, you are very nice, I recommend you to my friends! Thank you very much and long life!
  16. Nat, Paris: April 25, 2013: Your highlights are superb!!!
  17. Pat, Lyon, June 2, 2013: I bought the 20 inch smooth Brazilian weaves and they are beautiful, soft, my fingers glide through without any knots! I look great with my new hairstyle and my girlfriends loved it!!!
  18. Véro, Nantes, June 18, 2013: excellent, superb, quality has a correct price because we find everything at all prices but I confess that the weaves of the Compagnie du Cheveu please me a lot and the customer service is irreproachable! You can buy with confidence, I recommend it!
  19. Joany, Auxerre, August 2, 2013: A friend gave me the address of Compagnie du Cheveu, she had bought the curly weaves 3 packs. I was envious, she looked amazing in them, frankly she convinced me! I bought the same ones and I'm loving it!!! I feel so good with it, people keep telling me so in the street and at work! The hair is soft, no knots, the curls are super well drawn!
  20. Peggy, Cergy, August 11, 2013: the Brazilian wavy are a killer; silky, natural shine, I pass my hand without problem from start to finish, it's quality, very good quality. It's been 1 month since I have them and I even went to the sea with them and still the same quality even if it is not recommended. I intend to buy some more
  21. Elodie, Le Havre,August 27, 2013: I ordered the loose wave peruvians 3 weeks ago, I did an ombré with it, it took the color super well, and it lasts, I had a lot of success during my vacations! La Compagnie du Cheveu you can count on a loyal customer!
  22. JJ, Neuilly, September 1, 2013: I bought 3 packs of 16-18-20 inch bodywave weaves; My hairdresser told me that the Hair Company weaves are really good quality. Here are the pictures. My hairdresser did a blow dry and then straightened them, then she made curls at the end and a nice gradient. For the finishing touches she used my edgestick that I took with me and that I also bought on the hair company website. The pictures speak for themselves! I've had them for 3 weeks and the quality is impeccable!Cliente la Compagnie.jpg
  23. Myriam, Lyon, September 3, 2013: "
    I ordered Brazilian highlights from you at the end of April and I had promised to tell you what I thought of them.
    I wanted to tell you that I am more than satisfied: superb touch, superb fall, no hair loss and my hairdresser being a fairy I was sublime! So thank you for this quality! Totally enthusiastic, I did a lot of advertising for La compagnie du cheveu.
  24. Romy, Lyon area, September 19, 2013: I received the packages yesterday, So, I want to thank you for taking the time to contact me to explain and solve the problem. Thank you very much!
  25. Delphine, September 20, 2013, Guadeloupe: hello I contact you to share my joy :package received + gift and superb locks thank you very much, and see you soon for the next order..
  26. Fabienne, September 26, 2013:Hello, My locks arrived well, they are beautiful! Thank you very much,Thank you also for the surprise! :-),You just won a new customer:-)
  27. Photo from a customer : Here is a picture of my 12 inch weave from la compagnie du cheveu on which I did a tie and dye
  28. Christine, Guadeloupe Le Gosier, October 2, 2013:Hello, I received my items well. Thank you for your seriousness. Please do not change anything! Greetings
  29. Ell, Paris, October 13, 2013: "I have already ordered twice from you and I am very satisfied I would still like to order two Brazilian weaves curls in promo..
  30. Flo, Cannes, November 14, 2013: "I have just received my locks today, which I like very much. The speed of shipment is perfect! ...the curl is exactly what I need..
  31. Judith, Lyon, November 18, 2013: "I ordered Brazilian locks through your website from you for the first time. I am very satisfied both by the quality, the speed of delivery, I would not hesitate to advertise you. It is a pure happiness
    Thank you to you
  32. Elodie, Rhone, November 19, 2013: "I thank you for all these details I was really satisfied with Indian weavings it was really the top in terms of quality (private sales Indian weavings) I could use them several times ... Thank you
  33. Melle, Versailles, December 11, 2013: Hello, I wanted to thank you, I received the locks and frankly I am very satisfied and surprised by the good quality! I am satisfied first of all by the packaging that differs from my former sellers (yes I adopted you and already recommended) then by the little attention then by the visual of the locks (no white hair) and by the touch (very soft and it slides well between the fingers) thank you again, my next order next month!
  34. Cedr, le Plessis Trevise on December 26, 2013" First of all, thank you for the quick processing of my order "
  35. Here is a picture of a customer with the Compagnie du Cheveu weaves: "
    I send you my picture of me with my beautiful weave that comes from the hair company.it's the 4th pose for me and I still intend to use it. I had taken you Brazilian wavy ones about 8 months ago.
  36. Jessica, Fontenay, January 9, 2014: "This is the first time I've ordered from this site, and frankly I was not disappointed. And yet, I am a very demanding person who is always looking for quality and perfection. This site is too good to be true: the products are not expensive, the hair is of very good quality and the shipping is fast. For me, it's the best site and I received little gifts when my hair arrived. I am very satisfied."
  37. Geli, Toulouse, February 20, 2014: "I ordered a little over a year ago your Brazilian wavy weaves and I am very happy with them because I have used them several times..
  38. Virginie, PACA, February 28, 2014: "Hello!!!Once again I am delighted with your seriousness.. Thank you for your response so quickly!...I received the new weave today, perfect color!!! Thank you very much !!!...Nothing to say except that I am delighted with your seriousness...
  39. Lucie,Fécamp, March 6, 2014: "It's very nice of you! You are very professional and I will recommend you to my hairdresser and my acquaintances. And I will order again in 3 weeks! Thanks again.
  40. Gaelle, Paris, March 19, 2014: " great, thank you. And I am very happy with my Peruvian highlights, they have a very good hold!!!! "
  41. Fabienne, Paris, March 25, 2014: " my highlights from the private sale are GORGEOUS!!!!
  42. Fatimata, Marseille, March 27, 2014: "Hello I received your weave and I am extremely satisfied.
    The hair is of very good quality, and, thank you for the little gift it makes very happy!
  43. Sabrina, province, April 10, 2014: " Hello,I thank you and want to tell you that you have a great after sales service! "
  44. Maci, April 26, 2014: "Hello, I received my order and I am very happy!
  45. may 11, 2014, Another photo from a client: So I am taking this opportunity to send you a picture of the latest weaves I ordered in February.
    Thanks to you for these great weaves
  46. Marie, Angers May 21, 2014: Hello I just received my order by chronopost a big thank you for your serious and you are completely trustworthy. Despite the disappointment of last week. I touched the wicks etc and the quality is the it's been several years that I buy it so I know a little. Thank you also for the little sweetness it's very thoughtful. I will follow the advice right away. And I will post a picture as soon as I get my hair done
  47. Liliane, Paris, May 27, 2014: Hello, I just received the package. I thank you very much. The quality of your hair is incredible. You can count me among your regular customers
    57. Nancy, June 26, 2013: I received my order and the little gifts inside. The strands feel amazing and are very malleable.I thank you for winning me over and fulfilling my request.
    58. Chris, Belgium, August 20, 2014: Hello,being completely satisfied with my first purchase, I would like to place a new order .
    59. Titi, Brussels, September 16, 2014:Hello,Order received yesterday.again thank you for the service!
    60. Marina, Saint-Denis, La Réunion, September 16, 2014:I received my package yesterday morning ,the hair is very soft ..thank you very much soon.
    61. Emma, Paris, October 23, 2014:I bought 3 packages of weaves on your website in April . I was very apprehensive because in general I do not trust too much the merchant site on the internet .I was quite happy but without more to tell you the truth. At the moment, after 2 weaving sessions, soon 3 next week, I am conquered by your locks, it's incredible how beautiful they are while I've been neglecting them for a few weeks... They are as beautiful as on the 1st day, which means they are of good quality.
    I wanted to send you this message because I wanted to congratulate you. You can count me among your loyal customers. You are also very kind, you always answer the mail quickly and your messages are always so nice.
    62. Chris, Belgium, December 14, 2014: " Hello Jeanne , I received my order this Friday. The quality is perfect as usual. A big thank you and very good weekend "
    63. CRTEL, Paris, January 14, 2015:I would like to thank you for taking my order of Yaki weaves as 14 inch straightened hair under your wing. The strands are beautiful and perfectly match what I am looking for! I will keep you informed of the result but I know right now that it will be up to par!
    64. Suzanna, Paris February 20, 2015: it's been 1 month since I bought your weaves and I am very satisfied. Their fall, their natural shine really thank you for your professionalism and your kindness!!!
    65. Marie, March 7, 2015:I bought Brazilian smooth locks. the quality of these locks is impressive! I am very happy with them. It's been 4 times that I put them and always so beautiful! thank you very much to you!
    66. Gé, April 29, 2015: "Always very satisfied with the quality of your hair. I still have the highlights that I ordered in January/February 2014. I have used them several times and will be able to use them again and again."
    67.Didi, July 16, 2015: "I thank you from the bottom of my heart ,I just received the package and the quality of the highlights is the one I love the ones I am proud to wear and advertise.You gave me back the smile and I will be beautiful to go on vacation.And thank you for the gift "
    68. Sadi, October 22, 2015: I just placed an order on your site. I don't know if you remember, but I ordered two packages from you at the end of the summer. I was very satisfied with them that's why I ordered again!
    69. Geli, November 16, 2015: I hope you are doing well. I am sending you a picture of the last order I placed. I'm still very happy with the quality and I'll probably place an order before Christmas.Cliente la Compagnie 4.jpg
    70. Mama, July 18, 2017: it took me a while to find a serious site but here frankly congratulations to the Compagnie du Cheveu. The Team is kind and answers all my emails and many questions. I'm going to do some advertising.
    71. Nadine, September 6, 2017: it's the 5th time I order and never disappointed
    72. Friend, October 11, 2017: I had a delivery problem and the Company's team saw that it was blocked at the post office and The Company unblocked the situation immediately. the Company's customer service is 100% reliable
    73. Ginette, October 26, 2017: fast delivery and incredible quality of weaves, decoloration and coloring nickel
    74. Magali, November 1, 2017: at work I got lots of compliments on my wig, I love it!!!
    75. Vany, November 3, 2017: The weave is smooth and very good quality. I will recommend you to my friends.
    76. Ouma, November 27, 2017: Thank you for your personal involvement in making sure my order was satisfactory!
    I don't regret my choice for the hair company! Could I ask you to choose a light enough chestnut among the natural tones you have?
    Thank you very much again
    78. Fala, February 20, 2018, waterwave hair is perfect. My hairdresser is giving me a makeover.... The highlights are beautiful!!!
    79. Feddy, February 22, 2818: the highlights are perfect thank you very much.
    80. Charly, June 16, 2018: "Thank you for your professionalism and the highlights are beautiful"
    81. Baia, June 29, 2018: I tested and colored the 16 inch you sent me. The quality of the hair is top