My best best hair routine to detangle my hair

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Hair untangling?

A real haunting for all girls. Regardless of the nature of your hair, having knots can be very painful. A question then arises: "what is the best technique to detangle your hair effectively, but gently and while avoiding breakage?" Good news: if you are one of those who continually ask yourself this question, know that it is quite possible to untangle your hair without it turning into a nightmare. But to do this, it is appropriate to follow a special hair routine for hair detangling.
What do you need?

Before even going to the detangling stage, you need to invest in a few accessories for an effective and optimal result: a tail comb, a moisturizer like that of Shea Moisture Jamaican beaver oil leave-in and a brush untangling the secrets of Loly

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Separate hair into several sections

The first mistake made when untangling hair is wanting to untangle without separating into several sections. And yet it is, certainly, the most important step. So, using the tail comb (or a wide-toothed comb if you don't have the first one), gently separate your hair into two parts. The two parts will then be divided into two very equal sections. Grasp each section and brush the ends and then go up to the roots (i.e. from bottom to top). Dividing your hair into several parts has considerable advantages: hydration is done deeply and in the best conditions, detangling does not weaken the hair and the scalp is not attacked and finally, you will avoid the inconvenience caused by knots (including pain).

Moisturize hair

Before moving on to the hair detangling stage, do not neglect that of hydration. How do you do it? It's quite simple, you only need to apply a moisturizer or a moisturizing spray (based on natural oils and water, for example) on each section of your hair. It is this moisturizing product that will allow the hair to relax and be more malleable. If you have natural curls, you need to understand that the more you try to untangle them, the more knots and forks are created. This also leads to breakages and forks at the tips. And if the ends are really too weakened, it is better to cut them before indulging in this routine to detangle the hair.

Untangling hair

We finally come to the most crucial step: unravelling. But beware, for effective results, it is essential to apply only 2 to 3 hazelnuts of moisturizing oil on each section. Excess hydration is just a waste of product and it can suffocate the hair. We will always start by untangling the tips and gradually go up until we get to the root (starting with the roots, you promote the formation of knots which leads to forks and breaks at the tips). This is when you use the detangling brush.

And here you are at the Top, your hair is beautiful, soft and well untangled !! You are ready to start a beautiful day !!