That's the lockdown again :( !

What will I do with my hair? I want to let go and do nothing!!

Except that every morning when I wake up and look in the mirror, my hair calls for help, help!!! Do something, you can't stay like this!!

So that's it!, I decided to create a new hair ritual to keep my hair healthy during this reconfinement, with the cold that is setting in:

Cheveux bouclé en bonne santé

1. Every night I put a drop of oil on my palms and do circular massages on my scalp. Then I make 2 big mats before going to bed and I put on my satin sleep cap, my satin cap.

2. Every morning I apply myTaliah Waajid l eave in conditioner and mix with the growth oil secrets of loly. I unravel my hair and then style my hair

3. Every 2 Saturday nights, I do an oil bath and put on a satin scarf to keep my hair nourished.

4. Every Sunday, I wash my hair with the Cowash by As i am and I will test this Sunday the new Cowash by As i am JBCO. I like cowashes because they are soft, do not attack my fine hair and still wash deeply.

5. I apply a dab of puffed cream that I spread all over my hair to nourish my hair

6. I leave my hair in afros and I style in variation, making mats glued in front, or twists.

7. I decided not to make braids for 1 month to let my fragile hair rest. I opt for a protective style.