Nourishing or Moisturizing our Hair is the question?

Does our hair need to be nourished or hydrated? I have often asked myself this question.

But there is a real difference between nourishing and moisturizing a hair. Feeding would be like giving food and hydrating is giving him water.

A healthy and healthy hair is a hair to which we bring a balance between these two notions.

You should know that the hair is mainly made up of proteins, through the keratin that composes it mainly ..

Keratin is therefore essential to hair, it brings shine and elasticity.

Unfortunately, excess protein is the most common cause of hair breakage. In the first place, it is therefore often more useful to try to rehydrate.

We advise you to use aloe vera gel. Very moisturizing, it is for example possible to use it as a conditioner.

Despite this, this is not enough and your hair needs to be nourished. They are then usually brittle, and still shiny. Still fragile from the inside.

Our orientations are directed towards coconut oil, avocado oil, a mix of several oils such as Easy Pouss's growth elixir . They will nourish the hair deeply.

Our closed-eye recommendations are pure shea butter. Shea butter from raw Africa, with its strong smell is very popular. Its smell is a sign that it has all its natural properties and that it is not refined as found everywhere on the market.

Sometimes it is necessary to moisturize and nourish your hair at the same time.

You can mix aloe vera with vegetable oils or apply on your hair, a mask that will provide you with both the fatty and watery elements they need.